Lettuce Lover? CDC Updates Advice To Consumers

Lettuce Lover? CDC Updates Advice To Consumers

Iowa, Nebraska and OR newly joined the list of 39 states that have reported illnesses linked to romaine lettuce.

Now three more states have reported ill people: Iowa, Nebraska, and OR, the CDC said. The romaine lettuce was grown in Yuma, Arizona and was harvested last on April 16 which means that it should be removed from the stores and restaurants it has crossed its shelf life to three weeks, as stated by the agency.

Romaine lettuce behind the E. coli outbreak affecting 32 states, including Washington, is past its shelf life and the CDC says it's unlikely it would still be available at stores or restaurants.

Information collected to date indicates that romaine lettuce from the Yuma growing region could be contaminated with E. coli and could make people sick.

Lettuce Lover? CDC Updates Advice To Consumers
Lettuce Lover? CDC Updates Advice To Consumers

It's finally safe to eat romaine lettuce again. Most people recover within a week, but some illnesses can last longer and be more severe.

The FDA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention traced the contamination to the Yuma region of Arizona, where about 90 percent of winter leafy greens are grown. The numbers include the Nebraska case. In the latest official update, the CDC noted that new cases of E. coli-related food poisoning came from the period when contaminated lettuce might still be in circulation or in home refrigerators. Of the 157 cases reported with good information, 75 (48 percent) have resulted in hospitalization, and 20 people have developed a unsafe form of kidney failure.

While most strains of the bacteria E. coli are harmless, others can cause serious illness. And one person, in California, has died.

The CDC said three more states - Iowa, Nebraska and OR - have been hit by the outbreak, bringing the total number of affected states to 32. Anyone with these symptoms must see a doctor immediately, since an E. coli infection and HUS can be deadly.

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