LGBT community cheers Pope Francis' 'God made you like this' remark

LGBT community cheers Pope Francis' 'God made you like this' remark

He also has spoken of his own ministry to gay and transgender people, insisting they are children of God, loved by God and deserving of accompaniment by the church.

A Chilean victim of a Catholic priest's sex abuse claimed Pope Francis told him God made him gay.

Now the Catholic Church does not recognize or allow gay marriages.

"He told me, 'Juan Carlos, that you are gay does not matter, '" Cruz said.

He will be among some 120 cardinals under 80 worldwide and therefore eligible to participate in an eventual conclave to choose Francis' successor, the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Japan said. In 2005 it banned openly gay men from becoming priests. But citing the original version of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Martin said they were nevertheless significant. And a recent private conversation between the Pope and a gay man may be a sign of even more progressive views to come within the Catholic Church. "It goes beyond 'who am I to judge?' to 'you are loved by God, '" Lamb said.

Francis met with three Chilean survivors of sex abuse in the Chilean church - including Mr Cruz - in Rome after receiving a 2,300- page report into the country's sex abuse problems written by the Archbishop of Malta, Charles Scicluna.

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"He told me: 'Juan Carlos, I don't care about you being gay".

"It is with this attitude that comes from Mary, who is Mother of the Church, with this attitude we can understand this feminine dimension of the Church", the pope said, adding that if this aspect is lost, "the Church loses its identity and becomes a charitable organization or a football team, but not the Church". John, symbolizes all of us, the Church, Dodd said.

Pope Francis gives mass in Chile.

Victims accused Bishop Juan Barros of having witnessed the abuse but doing nothing to stop it. Barros, who was one of those who offered to stand down, has denied the allegations.

Some 31 active Bishops, along with three who were retired, tendered their resignation to the Pope, insisting that it was time to place their fate "in the hands of the Holy Father so that he might freely decide for each one of us". Pope Francis visited Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority in 2014, in part to mark the 50th anniversary of Paul VI's trip. For this year's celebration of the new feast day, the St. Louis church is not doing anything big, but is celebrating on the actual day - when he said parishioners can "enjoy each other's company" - not during Pentecost weekend when there is already a lot going on.