Microsoft Unveils New Surface Hub 2

Microsoft Unveils New Surface Hub 2

Microsoft has designed Surface Hub 2 for both productivity and creativity.

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"It's not just that how we work is changing, it's that where we work is changing too".

"There is a need for a device built for teams and designed for these new environments". And though not specifically mentioned by Panos Panay, it looks as though Surface Hub 2 will also have a thumbprint login system for Windows Hello, which can be seen at the 47-second mark in the video above.

Right now, Microsoft is being tight-lipped about the version of Windows 10 and hardware specs being used by the Surface Hub 2. Today, they are announcing its successor, the aptly named Surface Hub 2.

This machine is made to make the most of software like Microsoft Whiteboard, Microsoft Teams, and Office 365. The new Surface Hub 2 is a massive 55-inch 4K collaborative display meant to replace mundane, old boards in corporate conference rooms.

As you'd expect, Surface Hub 2 is billed as "Perfect for any space". It is also significantly easier to move around your workspaces than its predecessor.

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Microsoft says it's teaming up with Steelcase to offer a number of options in terms of rolling stands and mounts for those who buy the giant whiteboard.

One of the coolest features of the Surface Hub 2 is its "Tiling" ability. In addition to working on its own, this big computer can be tiled together with up to 4 screens at once, relatively seamlessly.

So, what about moving "beyond meetings, to real-time teamwork?"

With the Surface Hub 2, the upcoming device will support multi-user sign-ins.

Microsoft Surface Hub 2s Tiling. Multiple users will be able to authenticate in a single workspace, enabling them to simultaneously access, collaborate on and save a single shared document stored in the cloud. The original Surface Hub started at $9,000. We've sold to more than 5000 customers across 25 markets. The new accessory converts Surface Hub 2 into a genuine mobile gadget for workspace collaboration.

Following on from the first-generation Surface Hub, which we must say we haven't seen in many United Kingdom offices though Microsoft says it has flogged the Hub to more than 5,000 businesses, the Surface Hub 2 is one flashy looking device. For now, all we know is that it will be available sometime in 2019.