Nigerian Mother Sues United Airlines for Kicking Her, Children Out of Plane

Nigerian Mother Sues United Airlines for Kicking Her, Children Out of Plane

Later, before takeoff, Obioma went to use the bathroom.

Queen Obioma's lawsuit says that after flying from Lagos, Nigeria, to San Francisco, she and her children were removed from the plane because a white male passenger thought she smelled "pungent".

The suit was filed in Federal court on Friday in Houston. "She sobbed uncontrollably for a long time", the complaint says, according to the Washington Post.

Obioma said the employee then went back on the plane and escorted her two children off.

As soon as she sat down, Obioma said a United Airlines staff member approached her and said she needed to exit the aircraft to speak with someone outside.

Obioma, appalled at the situation, requested to have her children deplane as well so the family could be together.

Obioma tried to explain that her children had important school-related appointments that they could not miss but she was refused re-entry into the plane. However, she was not allowed entry inside the aircraft and was asked to leave, along with her kids.

United Airlines' media office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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"We have not yet been served on this specific lawsuit and thanks to this pending litigation involved within this thing, we're powerless to offer additional comment", spokesman for the airline stated, at a e-mailed statement. Obioma said, "Excuse me" three times and attempted to make her way to her seat.

Unfortunately, the delay affected the scheduled appointment she had, causing her to incur more expenses.

Obioma filed a civil rights lawsuit against United Airlines, saying the airline discriminated against her because she is black, Nigerian and African.

The lawsuit is just the latest black eye for United when it comes to customer service issues. The removal of David Dao, who was seen with a bloodied mouth in the video, resulted in the firing of two airport security officers and suspension of two others.

The incident represents another public relations blunder for United.

Woman kicked off from flight, sues United Airlines claiming racial discrimination. The employee alleged the pilot himself had asked her to be removed from the plane after the white male passenger complained he didn't want to travel next to her because she was "pungent".

And in March, a passenger's 10-month-old puppy suffocated to death after a flight attendant forced the owner to place it in an overhead compartment.