Nintendo Announces Re-Stock of NES Classic Edition This June

Nintendo Announces Re-Stock of NES Classic Edition This June

For those unaware, two years ago Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition, a plug-and-play micro-console with 30 classic NES games pre-downloaded onto it. Nevertheless, the Japanese gaming giant declared via Twitter the NES Classic will go back to shops in the USA on June 29. Furthermore, Nintendo explains that both the NES Classic and its successor the SNES Classic "are expected to be available through the end of the year".

Back in 2016 Nintendo released a new version of a very old console, and it sold out nearly immediately.

Nintendo has announced through Twitter, that the NES Classic will be back on the shelves on June 29th. Just don't confuse it with Nintendo's rumoured SNES Classic, the follow-up console.

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The NES was released at the mid-1980s.

Do you already own the NES Classic Edition or do you plan on picking one up this summer? But those who missed out on the NES Classic will have another chance to purchase the console.

How much is the NES Classic, and where can I buy it?

Tracking down a Nintendo and purchasing all the games that were included in the NES Classic would cost hundreds of dollars. The demand for these dedicated retro mini consoles is huge.