Overwatch Anniversary Event Set For May 22, According To Leak

Overwatch Anniversary Event Set For May 22, According To Leak

The celebration will also make seasonal cosmetics and gameplay modes from the year's past events available again. There's also a ton of funky fresh new dance emotes for Doomfist, Moira, and Brigitte on offer.

The video says that items and brawls from previous events will return for the anniversary event, but doesn't give any more details, such as whether there will be new skins other than Junkrat's (I assume there will). As for the Legendary Edition, that'll be out next Tuesday and feature a mix of Legendary, Epic, and Origin skins for a total of 15. On top the new Deathmatch map, players will be invited to test their skill in a new competitive mode, which includes its own ranking, competitive points and leaderboards.

It's official! The second Overwatch Anniversary Event goes live next week. These seasonal events keep players engaged and encourage them to buy more loot boxes, which keeps Overwatch profitable for Blizzard long after its debut.

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Blizzard will be hosting a free weekend of Overwatch on PC, Xbox, and Playstation from May 25th to May 27th.

If you want to check out the new leaked Junkrat skin from the Brazilian Overwatch Twitter, you can find the mirrored video here. Loot box shennanigans not included, I've gotten a lot of playtime out of it.

Lastly, a new version of Overwatch will be released for the start of the anniversary event. Logging in to the Anniversary event will also grant one Legendary Anniversary Loot Box, containing a single guaranteed Legendary item.