Packaging error leads to nationwide birth control pill recall

Packaging error leads to nationwide birth control pill recall

As a result of this packaging error, oral contraceptive capsules, that are taken out of sequence, may place the user at risk for contraceptive failure and unintended pregnancy.

The voluntary recall, issued late Tuesday, affects packages of Allergan's Taytulla contraceptive pills.

The pills have been in circulation since August, according to the company's statement.

The drugmaker on Tuesday said the physician sample packs of Taytulla were meant to have 24 active pink pills, followed by four inactive maroon capsules, taken daily for 28 days. A physician report indicates that 4 placebo (non-hormonal) capsules were placed in the first 4 days of therapy instead of active capsules.

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The manufacturer is concerned that users of their contraceptive may not notice the reversed order, thereby increasing the possibility of an unintended pregnancy.

Allergan is arranging for return of all sample pack products with the lot #5620706 with the expiration date May 2019 and urged patients to consult their physicians if they believe they are affected by the recall.

People with these birth control pills should arrange to return them to their doctor. Consumers with questions regarding this recall can contact Allergan by phone at 800-678-1605 8am-8pm EST Monday through Friday.

The FDA's website has more information about the recall.