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Pakistan Leaders to Meet Over Ex-PM's Mumbai Attack Criticism

Pakistan Leaders to Meet Over Ex-PM's Mumbai Attack Criticism

"I say with full responsibility that the delay and slow pace of the Mumbai attacks-related case in Pakistan was not Pakistan's doing but was a result of non-cooperation and stubbornness by India", said the disgruntled PML-N member.

Sharif, in an interview to Pakistan daily "Dawn" stated that militant organizations were growing in Pakistan and "non-state actors" were responsible for the series of coordinated attacks in Mumbai.

"It isn't possible that we let them go across the border and kill 150 innocents", the Punjab CM doubled down. "Explain it to me", he asked, in a clear reference to the Mumbai killings blamed on 10 Pakistani terrorists. "Why can't we complete the trial?" he said in an interview.

"Questions are being raised about Pakistan at the global level owing to Sharif's statement", she told reporters.

Leading opposition leader and cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan said that Sharif was speaking the language of (Indian Prime Minister) Narendra Modi and cooperating against enemies of Pakistan to harm the country.

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"He has spoken against Pakistan and must be punished for this". The apex court has shamed him and dismissed him from the Office. It also reviewed controversial statement of the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

The much read Ummat Newspaper accused him of revealing state secrets and called for his punishment. The PTI leader also questioned the timing of Sharif's statements, asking why the former leader did not speak out when he was in power. But he described how he had listened to the phone call made by one of the attackers and even though the individual claimed he was Indian, Sharif heard a Pakistani accent. "Nawaz Sharif is speaking Modi's language against Pak simply to protect his ill-gotten '300 billion stashed in his son's companies overseas".

"The PML-N would like to set the record straight on the interview of PML-N supreme leader Nawaz Sharif carried yesterday by Dawn", he said in a statement issued here.

"It (Sharif's remarks) only proves that India's stand has been right all the way", she said.

Nisar's comments came in the wake of a statement by ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif who questioned Pakistan's policy to allow the "non-state actors" to cross the border and "kill" people in 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks.