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Pope calls for end to Holy Land violence (3)

Pope calls for end to Holy Land violence (3)

After months of study and discussion, the parishes of the Diocese of Rome have recognized "a general and healthy exhaustion" with doing the same things over and over, touching the lives of fewer and fewer people as time goes on, Pope Francis said.

Yet Pope Francis didn't stop there.

On Thursday, Francis welcomed the bishops mid-morning, and will do so again in the afternoon.

The Vatican has said that during their first meeting, Francis gave the bishops a list of themes to meditate on, and that the time between now and their next meeting Wednesday would be devoted "exclusively to meditation and prayer".

Bertomeu spoke with journalists who were waiting for the bishops to leave towards their meeting with the pope.

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After a private meeting with the pope in late April, three of Karadima's victims told journalists they want to see Errázuriz face trial for having covered up.

Francis may have also been referring to Chilean bishops implicated in a sex abuse cover-up scandal.

Bertomeu said that it's wrong to compare the case of the Chilean bishops with that of the American cardinals who came to Rome in 2002 to address the clerical sexual abuses crisis, or that of the Irish bishops who came in 2009.

"The victims are the center of our attention", González said. The meeting in Rome is meant to discuss the results of the envoys' visit and discuss the Pope's conclusions. Victims say Barros had knowledge of the abuse but did nothing to stop it. It is said to be much more extensive, including details from other cases, such as those involving the Marist Brothers in Chile, who are now under canonical investigation after allegations of sexual abuse by some of the members surfaced in August 2017. In the process of identifying the "spiritual illnesses" of the diocese, the pope said, the priests and parish leaders made it clear that they are exhausted of being content with what they have been doing for years.

Although updates might be published throughout the 3-day encounter, the Vatican has said there will be no final document or communique in order to ensure confidentiality. However, after receiving Scicluna's report, Francis issued his major "mea culpa" and asked to meet the bishops and more outspoken survivors in person.