Singh picks B.C. in NDP pipeline battle

Singh picks B.C. in NDP pipeline battle

Court documents filed with Alberta's Court of Queen's Bench say B.C.'s Attorney General was bringing the action against Alberta's Attorney General on the "unconstitutionality of the Preserving Canada's Economic Prosperity Act".

Horgan and Moe, along with the leaders of Manitoba, Nunavut, Yukon and Northwest Territories emerged with a joint communique prioritizing key inter-provincial issues, but Alberta refused to sign because it did not contain stronger language in support of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

Instead, Notley said she will meet with Kinder Morgan officials.

Only a week before the May 31st deadline set by Kinder Morgan to possibly pull the plug expansion, Horgan is not saying what BC will do if his government loses a legal battle over jurisdiction.

Notley noted that B.C. would be able to source oil and gas from Washington, but it would drive up prices for consumers.

Notley said one participant at the meeting - B.C. Premier John Horgan - is trying to shut down the Trans Mountain pipeline and take $15 billion out of the Canadian economy.

As the clock ticks down to Kinder Morgan's deadline on the Trans Mountain expansion project, CIBC's economics team is warning "inaction is not an option" for Canada when it comes to pipeline development.

It's hard to guess who might take Kinder Morgan's place without knowing what guarantees or deals are being offered by the federal government and possibly the province of Alberta, said Samir Kayande, a director with RS Energy Group in Calgary.

The company, along with Alberta and Ottawa, blames the B.C. government for creating uncertainty for the project.

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Since the one thing that has bothered the company most all along has been the obstructionism of the B.C., and since B.C.'s opposition hasn't changed, there is no reason to believe Kinder Morgan will go ahead.

"We are in court".

"Not at all", he said, stressing that they are two separate issues. "They are still reserving the right to play legal rope-a-dope until the cows come home".

On Thursday, B.C. announced plans to launch a lawsuit over new Alberta legislation that could restrict fuel exports to the West Coast.

"It is not to stop the pipeline or prevent it", Eby argued. "That's why we're fighting for the pipeline".

"A catastrophic oil spill, and our ability to clean it up, would compromise that economic activity".

"We really want solidarity with the business community across industries and across the Rockies", he said in an earlier phone interview.

Consequently, the B.C. statement of claim against Bill 12 is grounded as much in the rhetoric of Alberta politicians as the text of the Alberta legislation. Alberta has 20 days to file a statement of defence.

Deputy premier Sarah Hoffman wanted the final letter from the Western Premiers' Conference in Yellowknife to express support for the Trans Mountain pipeline from every premier at the table, but that didn't happen.