Steam Link Launches on Android in Beta Today

Steam Link Launches on Android in Beta Today

The Steam Link beta app can be downloaded on Google Play here.

This week Valve is releasing a free Steam Link app that will let you stream your entire Steam library from your PC to any Android and iOS device, including Apple TVs.

Speaking of Wi-Fi, Valve heavily recommends that you use the app only on a 5GHz Wi-Fi connection or connected via an Ethernet adapter to your router - try to use a 2.4GHz signal, and you might not get the most optimal streaming experience. With it, you can play your collection of Steam titles on your smartphone, provided you've a powerful computer to run said games and you're under the same roof.

I was stunned at how well the stream held up when playing games like Far Cry 5, Doom, and Rocket League on my iPad.

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The app isn't a native Steam client, but rather a VNC-powered streaming service, much like GeForce Now from Nvidia. When it does arrive, it will support any device running iOS 10 or newer, as well as Apple TVs running tvOS 10.3 and above. An iOS version has been promised, but it may only appear once the Android beta has ended.

The app supports the Steam Link controller, or whatever other Android-compatible controllers you happen to have lying around. "You can go into the advanced streaming settings and tune streaming resolution and bitrate for the best experience in your setup".

Steam Link originally launched in 2015 as a hardware peripheral that could stream Steam content from a PC to a TV set wirelessly.

The app also supports Bluetooth controllers for smartphones, allowing players an alternative input.