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Students lay flowers at Santa Fe memorial as witnesses recall massacre

Students lay flowers at Santa Fe memorial as witnesses recall massacre

Megan McGuire is a junior at Santa Fe High and was at school on the day of the shooting. Police officials said that the 17-year-old gunman, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, was in custody.

The Republican-controlled legislature is out of session until January 2019, making it almost impossible for the state to implement and fund any major changes that come out of this week's three roundtable discussions.

A girl becomes emotional as she kneels in front of a cross at a makeshift memorial outside Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas, on Monday, May 21, 2018. Jagdish Khubchandani, an associate professor of community health at Ball State University, previously told Teen Vogue that nearly two-third of school violence prevention policies don't specifically mention how to handle situations of intimate partner violence in teens. Another measure under consideration was setting up a system to monitor social media for warning signs of an attack.

Seventeen-year-old junior Shelby Aguilera said walking the empty halls Tuesday was "eerie", adding, "I didn't want to be there and I got sick to my stomach". Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick told CNN.

Incidents related to gun violence have spiked in the USA in the recent past, the latest one being a 17-year-old shooter killing 10 people, including a teacher and a foreign exchange student from Pakistan Sabika Sheikh, at Santa Fe High School in Texas.

The state's 20-year dominance by the Republican Party all but guarantees the meetings will be dominated by calls to boost school security and "harden" campuses - an idea backed by the NRA - instead of demands for gun restrictions, said Cal Jillson, political science professor at Southern Methodist University.

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Aguilera says she's ready for classes to resume next week so that she can join with friends again "to show how strong we are". In a phone interview over the weekend with Greece's Antenna TV, his father, Antonios Pagourtzis, said the teen should be seen as a "victim" because he may have recently been bullied, causing him to lash out.

He is being held without bond, on suicide watch, at the Galveston County Jail in nearby Galveston, Sheriff Henry Trochesset said. "All I can say is what I suspect as a father".

They included trying to provide a grant to the Texas School Safety Center to train local school districts and law enforcement agencies on collaboration, creating a statewide threat assessment system, expanding a Lubbock program aimed at preventing at-risk students from committing violent acts and creating a list of recommendations for all schools on how they can immediately make their schools safer, like re-evaluating entrances and exits and placing law enforcement inside schools.

That's in sharp contrast to the response to the February 14 shooting rampage at a high school in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 dead.

Gun control groups point to the regular toll of shootings across the United States as evidence that more needs to be done to rein in the proliferation of weapons. Abbott said the discussions will include lawmakers, educators, students, parents, gun-rights advocates and shooting survivors. Should some teachers be armed?