The Monster Hunter movie will star Milla Jovovich

The Monster Hunter movie will star Milla Jovovich

Capcom is planning a $60 million adaptation of the Monster Hunter series, as the same team works on a Resident Evil reboot for cinema or TV.

As reported by Variety, action star heroine Milla Jovovich has been cast to star in a Monster Hunter film.

While the Resident Evil films certainly aren't critical darlings, they do have their fans and if nothing else, majority provide some enjoyable, mindless entertainment that on the whole, is perfectly harmless.

Meanwhile, Constantin is still working on a "Resident Evil" reboot, the shingle's topper Martin Moszkowicz said at Cannes.

Last year, some test footage of the Monster Hunter film was released by Paul W.S. Anderson, which you can check out below.

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Oh, and speaking of Mortal Kombat movies.

The Monster Hunter movie is going to be filmed in and around Cape Town. He certainly makes some entertaining movies, but judging from his Resident Evil series, he isn't one to stick close to the tone and mood of his adaptation sources.

Moszkowicz says Monster Hunter is seen as a potential film series.

"Paul has proven over and over he does stylish movies". As of right now, there is no scheduled release date for the movie yet. Anderson is not coming back for this project (he did six movies already, after all), but that's all we know so far. He must travel to a mystical world to train to become a Monster Hunter, before the mythical creatures from that world destroy ours. "There are no real central characters so it's a bit like when we first approached Resident Evil and imposed our own characters and story on that world".