Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen's Swampy Dealings Dissected by John Oliver

Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen's Swampy Dealings Dissected by John Oliver

Cohen also offered his services to Uber, but the company rebuffed his pitch because of his taxi medallion business in New York, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Novartis has said it fully cooperated in providing information requested by U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller as he probes suspected Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election won by Trump.

Cohen lined up big-paying clients who funneled money to the same shell company used to pay porn star Stormy Daniels to shut up about her affair with Trump.

According to Novartis, its payments to Cohen continued until February 2018 simply because the contract could not be terminated. The questions come after Stephenson admitted in an email to employees last week that AT&T had entered a consulting contract with Cohen to "help us understand how the President and his administration might approach a wide range of policy issues important to the company, including regulatory reform at the FCC, corporate tax reform and antitrust enforcement".

The controversy has caught the attention of lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

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Of particular worry to Wyden is that these payments were made while Novartis was negotiating novel payment arrangements with the United States federal government for the new cancer therapy Kymriah, which was priced at almost half a million dollars.

But ultimately, Oliver argued, Columbus Nova, AT&T, Novartis, and the other companies that shelled out millions to Cohen got exactly what they paid for. It also wants in-depth details of each payment, copies of contracts with any lobbyists, advisors or consultants that may relate to the Trump administration and healthcare. Company representatives didn't immediately return telephone calls and emails requesting comment Monday.

He added that "millions of dollars for access to Trump... is just weird because I naturally assumed you gained access to the president by finding a golden ticket in your MAGA hat". 'At best, this series of events reveals a company that was willing to invest millions of dollars in unvetted and unproductive relationships to try and sway government officials in its favour'.

Switzerland's Attorney General is in discussions with local prosecutors in the hometown of Novartis AG about payments the drugmaker made to one of Donald Trump's lawyers.