Who's up for a glass of cockroach milk?

Who's up for a glass of cockroach milk?

However, even Ramaswamy himself is somewhat sceptical as to whether it will take off, stating "I don't think anyone is going to like it if you tell them, 'We extracted crystals from a cockroach and that is going to be food, '" so maybe we should just stick to more conventional dairy for now. Though, it is not the only hurdle for cockroach milk.

It might sound absolutely disgusting but according to researchers from the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine in India, the milk boasts loads of nutritional benefits. The more energy-dense a product, the more calorific it tends to be (a calorie being a unit of energy) so it's interesting that something that's probably more calorific than regular cow's milk is being hailed as a superfood exclusively based on its energy profile. However, there is no scientific basis or general regulation for what may be considered as a superfood. These two factors are treated as a natural source of energy supply for humans.

A superfood is a food that is very rich in compounds beneficial for prevention of disease or overall health. Foods like blueberries, broccoli, and salmon are known as a superfood.

It reads: "As might be expected, the process of "milking" a cockroach is precise and laborious". The unappealing name and appearance of cockroach milk and cockroaches respectively are to be credited for the same.

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Gourmet Grubb, a South African company, is selling what they call "Entomilk"- a milk made from sustainably farmed insects. Maybe this is not for humans. You'd also need a hell of a lot of insects to get a glass full of milk. Initially produced as a liquid, the "milk" crystallizes in the gut, before being used by the cockroach to feed their young. Some researchers are now experimenting with genetically modified yeast - which is far easier to grow and harvest - to produce the same milk as beetle roaches. This process involves killing the cockroach to obtain the crystals.

The craze of superfood was first started by fruit company with banana. However, the list of superfoods has expanded and people are consuming more superfoods to live a healthy life.

Much like cockroaches themselves, cockroach milk just won't go away.