Domino's giving select cities pothole fix money to keep pizzas safe

Domino's giving select cities pothole fix money to keep pizzas safe

So far the pizza chain has helped four different municipalities all over the nation.

Domino's is fixing potholes in USA cities in an effort to give its pizzas a smoother ride in delivery vehicles.

If you're constantly dodging potholes, Domino's might be able to help.

Domino's Pizza is taking matters into it's own hands and filling potholes in city streets.

Help save more pizzas! A spokesperson called it "an extremely isolated incident, confined to a single store".

The company is launching a new campaign to make sure your pizza makes it to your doorstep in ideal condition. "We appreciated the extra Paving for Pizza funds to stretch our street fix budget as we addressed more potholes than usual", the city manager told Domino's.

Consternation brewed across metro Detroit this winter and spring over Michigan's comparative lack of road-repair funding.

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The pizza chain announced the combination infrastructure project and publicity stunt on Monday.

Domino's said it has previously helped towns in Texas, California, Georgia and DE fix their roads.

They say they're going to fix more, and are allowing people to nominate towns on their website.

What's your take on Domino's commitment?

Which seems fair enough, really, but does open the door on a worryingly dystopian future where everything has corporate sponsorship, technology runs amok and we have androids and flying cars. After all, our roads are far from ideal in places and we do have a fondness for pizza. She said Domino's wasn't disclosing how much it was spending on the grants.

So no pothole repairs for us, but at least we get those sweet puns.