E3 2018: Fallout Shelter Is Coming to PS4

E3 2018: Fallout Shelter Is Coming to PS4

Fallout 76 power armor edition comes with a wearable power armour helmet.

"Starfield is a game we've spent years thinking about and working on", Bethesda director and executive producer Todd Howard told the crowd at E3. There are six distinct West Virginia regions in the game, and there's a CAMP system - that stands for Construction and Assembly Mobile Platform - that allows players to quickly build shelter while on the go. There are a few different modes, including an endless roguelike dungeon, an arena in which you can fight other players one on one, and a town builder.

Kotaku reports that Fallout 76 is actually an online survival RPG in the same vein as Rust and DayZ.

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A Fallout 76 beta has been announced by Bethesda during its E3 2018 press conference, with it offering players the opportunity to dive into its new multiplayer Fallout game.

We're technically into day three of E3 2018. The T-51 is the original version of the suit, developed well before the suits you're more likely to find in Fallout 3, 4, or New Vegas.

The Elder Scrolls is coming to Nintendo Switch. sort of.