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Federal judge stays deportation of New York pizza delivery man

Federal judge stays deportation of New York pizza delivery man

His wife, Sandra Chica, told NBC New York on Saturday that she was told Villavicencio could have been deported as quickly as Monday.

Villavicencio was taken to a New Jersey jail to await deportation, and his wife said she went to the base to collect his auto, where she learned soldiers had still eaten the pasta.

Villavicencio, who is married and has two daughters who are USA citizens, agreed in 2010 to voluntarily depart the country after an immigration judge ordered him to depart the U.S.

"This stay will allow him to pursue a meritorious form of relief from removal - adjustment of status for permanent residency - to remain with his family", the legal provider's statement said.

Villavicencio had been waiting for a green card application to process when he was arrested on June 1 at the Fort Hamilton garrison in Brooklyn where he was delivering a pizza.

He had been to the base several times before, presenting his NY city ID card that carries no mention of his immigration status.

A representative at the base told HuffPost that a routine background check was performed on him, which Villavicencio consented to.

An active ICE warrant for Villavicencio was on file because he had not complied with an immigration judge's voluntary departure order in 2010.

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He'd been there enough, Copeland said, that he was familiar with the facility's personnel. On June 1, Villavicencio-Calderon was detained by military police officers and turned over to ICE.

Villavicencio entered the country illegally in 2008, reports the Times, and he has no criminal record.

Cuomo said on Thursday that he spoke by phone with Chica to express his "deep frustration with the federal government's assault on New York's immigrant families".

On Friday afternoon, Cuomo issued a letter to the Department of Homeland Security Acting Inspector calling for an investigation into ICE's conduct, amid "serious concerns that ICE is violating constitutional rights and targeting people based on their ethnicity".

"New York will not sit on the sidelines as our immigrant communities are threatened", Cuomo wrote.

Earlier this week, Villavicencio spoke to KTLA sister station WPIX in NY from an ICE detention center in New Jersey. Cuomo said the detention of the pizza shop worker and a recent raid on an upstate dairy farm show "reckless contempt for the constitution".

Now Pablo Villavicencio (Рablo Villavicencio) is in custody of the immigration service pending departure from the country, said the press-Secretary of the ICE Rachel Yong Yu (Rachael Yong Yow). "The proper course of action here is to stay Mr. Villavicencio's removal and release him from detention so that he may reunite with his family and participate in the proper adjudication of his case".