IHOB: Pancake purveyors to undergo name change

IHOB: Pancake purveyors to undergo name change

Via Twitter, it announced the new name will be IHOb.

Social media users flooded IHOP with guesses that included bacon, breakfast, beer, blueberries and beignets.

On June 11, IHOP is officially changing its name to IHOb, and pancake lovers are DYING to know what the new acronym stands for! A likely candidate proposed by one commenter was "breakfast".

The "P" in the name IHOP is changing to a "b".

IHOP's Twitter account teases it will reveal the answer Monday.

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The International House of Pancakes was founded in Los Angeles in 1958.

The change comes in the middle of an important year for the restaurant.

Last year, the chain closed 23 stores. The name was officially shortened to "IHOP" in 1973.

For now, IHOP is keeping information about the name change a closely guarded secret. They haven't said what the "b" will stand for yet.