Kathleen Wynne concedes as Ontario Liberals trail NDP, PCs in polls

Kathleen Wynne concedes as Ontario Liberals trail NDP, PCs in polls

At an emotional press conference the country's most unpopular premier (according to a recent poll) conceded what most of us have known for weeks - that after a marathon 15 years at the helm, the Liberals have run out of gas in Ontario and she will no longer be Premier come Thursday.

A bombshell admission Saturday from Kathleen Wynne that the Ontario Liberals would not form the province's next government had the party's incumbents in Ottawa trying to keep a united front. She is warning about what an NDP or Progressive Conservative majority government would bring, and is pitching votes for the Liberals as a way to keep either of those parties in check.

Her plea is meant to help the Ontario Liberals save seats, and she basically said as much. "And so we need Liberals at Queen's Park to stop a majority for either of the other governments".

"I'm trying to call it the way I see it", Ms. Wynne told voters in what she said was a hard and emotional announcement at a Toronto school near her riding. "She's saying, 'I'm not going to destroy this organization with my own personal hubris'".

"It is a logical next step", she said. But the only way they can assure she is Premier, the only way progressive voters can stop Ford, is to vote NDP.

"We will fight for our values, for a practical approach and for a government that will be kept from extremes and forced toward a better balance for the people of this province".

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Kathleen Wynne, premier of Ontario, speaks in Sault Ste. "Let's not go from bad to worse".

Liberal insiders said the party was essentially fighting for its survival. "We need to stay strong".

A senior Liberal, speaking on condition of anonymity, said "the party is facing an existential crisis".

Meanwhile, Windsor-Tecumseh candidate Remy Boulbol said in a written statement that Wynne has been an "inspiration to me as a woman looking to enter politics", and that the Liberal platform remains best for Ontario. Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia are already two party left/right political party provincial legislature, squeezing out the centrist cousins of the Ontario Liberal Party. Wynne's own riding was not one the Liberal source listed. Wynne said this is to ensure neither the PC nor the NDP receives a majority. She said that Mr. Ford, a populist politician from Toronto who took over the Tories in March, had changed the campaign in an unexpected way that hurt her chances at re-election. "I can be counted on to fight for and protect the people of Sudbury". "We will fix this".

By taking the blame, Wynne could be saving some of her key candidates who otherwise might have been tarnished by public opinion of her, Small said.

"It's a risky strategy for the Liberals, very much a Hail Mary kind of pass at the late stages of the game", he said. In a number of polls, Ms. Wynne's party has appeared on the verge of a catastrophic loss where her Liberals could lose official party status.