Kitty Hawk Flyer ready for production

Kitty Hawk Flyer ready for production

Personal flying vehicles are all the rage just now, with Kitty Hawk one such outfit working hard to build a viable aircraft to take you places.

Google co-founder Larry Page has been invested in making flying cars a reality and it nearly happened this Wednesday.

Enterprise drone solutions firm Kitty Hawk, founded and backed by Google co-founder Larry Page, has unveiled the latest iteration of its upcoming single-seater aircraft, the Kitty Hawk Flyer, which can now only be used for recreational purposes, a report in Bloomberg stated.

To be clear, the Flyer is a real, fully functioning aircraft. Now, the second machine of the company, the Flyer, is out in the open. The quick training time makes the flying vehicle more accessible, according to Sebastian Thrun, a self-driving auto innovator and CEO of Kitty Hawk.

"Our immediate priority is to invite small groups of people - customers, influencers, media and community members - to experience the freedom of flight here in our newly opened training facility".

The company claims that drivers will only need to complete a one-hour training course before launching into the air.

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First-time riders are allowed to fly as high as 10 feet above the water.

The 250-pound Flyer has 10 lift rotors on the wings, so it takes off into the air similar to a helicopter. Flight autonomy for the model is of about 20 minutes or 20 miles (32 km), depending on the speed and the pilot's weight.

At a distance of 15m (50ft) away, the "car" is said to be as loud as the average lawnmower.

Image: No price has been specified for the flying auto.

The company has been testing this vehicle for a while now and it has finally unveiled it for individual customers to try the flying auto themselves.

Dave Clark, Flyer's director of strategic development, says on the company website that he "hopes to free people from traffic".