MoD launches initiative to curb use of plastic bottles

MoD launches initiative to curb use of plastic bottles

During the week-long drive, people would be shown the micro compost process to make fertilisers and demonstrations would be organised in the use of shredding machines to dispose of plastic waste among other things, it said.

Jibril said, the theme of this year's celebration "Beat Plastic Pollution" with the action to "Love your Environment", was very apt for Nigerians in Nigeria, bearing in mind the nation's peculiar nature on plastic and polythene disposal. If present trends continue, by 2050 our oceans will have more plastic than fish.

The Prime Minister said, Government aims to provide electricity connection to every household, which will further reduce dependence on environmentally degrading forms of fuel.

Among its recommendations, the report called for better sorting of waste and recycling, economic incentives to promote eco-friendly alternatives to plastics, education of consumers and promotion of reusable products.

The United Nations warns that 360 million tonnes of plastic is produced each year, and levels are set to nearly double to 619 million tonnes by 2030, with cigarette butts, drinks bottles and caps and food wrappers the most common single-use plastics. "We want to foster a global movement where every individual, policy maker and business takes action against plastic pollution to protect our ecosystem", Qazilbash said.

With the United States working on its way to quit the historic Paris Climate Agreement, Solheim says it's just the right time for India and China - among the world's top polluters - to lead the world in the war against climate change and pollution.

This year's focus is on addressing plastic pollution.

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The World Environment Day is a day for people to make their contribution to saving the Earth.

"Signing the declaration is a significant and important step towards reducing the amount of plastic that we produce and helping end plastic pollution".

Kangana Ranaut put a plastic bag on her head to highlight the damage that's being done to the environment and asked people to refrain from it.

"We need to be wary of pledges like this that sound good, but in reality allow the rise of plastic packaging production in our lives and our oceans, all while companies pose as green leaders".

A tax on single-use plastic bags in the United Kingdom has slashed their use, and ministers have banned microbeads in personal hygiene products. The UN is encouraging everyone to play a game of "plastic pollution tag".

Biruta also said that the Ministry of Environment and partners are in the process of revising the plastics law to reduce single use plastics and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of plastic recycling in the country.