More Google Pixel 3 XL images leak, confirm all-glass back

More Google Pixel 3 XL images leak, confirm all-glass back

The fingerprint sensor is in about the same place as the Pixel 2's, and even the Google logo (which appears to have been spoofed the hide the identity of this test device) is in the same place. The device also features a dual front camera setup, which a feature also directly relevant to today's leak.

There has been quite a bit of scuttlebutt surrounding what the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will look like when they ship later this year and there have already been some questionable leaks that claim to show what we can expect when that happens. The handset also sports the Pixel 2 XL's chin, though the bottom speaker is not visible in the picture.

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As for the rear, it's nearly exactly identical to the Pixel 2 XL, except there's a new sensor in between the camera and the phone's flash.

A pair of images of a device believed to be the Pixel 3 XL have emerged on the XDADevelopers forum.

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Google Pixel 3 XL will be powered by the Snapdragon 845 processor and there will be a 4GB RAM+128GB storage model. We've got the same single camera and materials, with the only difference being a change in Google's logo.

Many users hate glass backs because they are fragile and slippery, but they do make possible an important feature - wireless charging.

Volume and power buttons on the right edge.

A separate report on the site reveals that Pixel 3 XL's code-name is "Crosshatch", which is the name of a type of fish.

Google a year ago claimed that the Pixel 2 doesn't need a dual camera and that algorithms can replace a secondary lens when it comes to creating cool portrait pictures with depth of field effects. Another change will be the placement of the SIM card tray, which will likely be present at the bottom on Pixel 3 XL, compared to on the left on Pixel 2 smartphones. The back panel is glossy, rather than the matte one seen on previous generation phones, suggesting a glass back. As we get closer to the inevitable launch in the fall, we expect many more leaks like this to develop.