New Trailer for ‘Sea of Solitude’ Revealed

New Trailer for ‘Sea of Solitude’ Revealed

Announced during EA's E3 2018 press conference, a studio called Jo-Mei from Berlin revealed the newest EA Originals indie project, Sea of Solitude. It's unclear exactly how the game will present the themes of loneliness and the dangers of a negative mental state, but both Söderlund and Geppert state that the game conveys a powerful message in tandem with the storyline.

The title is now in development by Berlin team Jo-Mei. "But she's not alone - this ocean is full of creatures just like her. Finding them may be the key to changing her back".

'Embrace your self doubt, in the same way you embrace your hope. It's about a young women who is suffering from such strong loneliness that her anger and hopelessness turns her into a monster to the outside world. Her journey is nothing short of challenging since monsters lurk everywhere she goes. However, there's something about Sea of Solitude, a uniqueness, that makes me want to to play it right now.

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Sea of Solitude is now in development and has an Early 2019 release window.

In Sea of Solitude, you play as Kay in an exploration-based third-person adventure inspired by the likes of ICO or RiME.

Given what unfolds in the first teaser trailer below, this seems to be a fair assessment of Sea of Solitude. "This at the core of the story of "SOS" [which is apparently the in-house nickname for the game]".