Tesla sues ex-employee alleging data theft, leaks to media

Tesla sues ex-employee alleging data theft, leaks to media

Tesla's suit alleges that Tripp hacked Tesla's computer systems, stole gigabytes worth of confidential data, and told news outlets straight-up lies about the company.

"As a result of these and other issues, on May 17, 2018, Tripp was assigned to a new role".

The exchange came as Tripp admitted on Wednesday to being a source for a story by Business Insider reporter Linette Lopez about Tesla blowing through raw material and cash to make the Model 3.

The company also alleges that Tripp sent photographs and data to unspecified third parties including financial information and battery manufacturing details.

Countering these allegations, Tripp, in a statement to CNN Money, said, he had discovered 1,100 damaged Model 3 battery modules that were installed on the electric cars.

The language employed by Tesla's Elon Musk when speaking on earnings calls is at the level of a 12-year-old, according to a report from CB Insights.

Two weeks ago Tesla announced a round of layoffs that would total about 9% of its total workforce.

"Tesla stores have some of the highest foot traffic of any retail space in the country, so this presents a unique benefit that is demonstrated by the growing number of Tesla vehicle customers who are also purchasing energy products through our stores", said a company spokesperson, per The Verge. "In light of these actions, not promoting him was definitely the right move", Musk added in the email.

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Additionally, Tripp has been accused of making false statements to the media.

I suggested that instead of building any auto, it would be more fun for tour-goers, who are mostly Tesla owners, to help build a part of their own vehicle.

Musk has been having it out over email with ex-Tesla employee and suspected saboteur Martin Tripp and the conversation isn't pretty.

Tripp also told Ars that he believed Musk himself was behind the alleged shooting threat.

Tesla is seeking relief under the Defend Trade Secrets Act, in addition to Nevada's own trade secret statute. "The data I was collecting was so severe; I had to go to the media", Tripp told CNBC. Tripp said he responded that Musk deserved what was coming.

While Tesla has not officially announced which facilities will be shuttered, a document indicating 14 planned closures was obtained by Reuters.

The row took a weird twist late on Wednesday night when Tesla said it had received a credible threat - from a "friend of Mr Tripp" - that Mr Tripp was "coming to the Gigafactory to "shoot the place up".