Why Kyrie Irving Won’t Sign Contract Extension With Celtics This Summer

Why Kyrie Irving Won’t Sign Contract Extension With Celtics This Summer

After the series shifted to Cleveland for Game 3, the Cavs blew a 13-point first-half lead in a 110-102 loss.

But, the brunt of the heat James receives comes from New Englanders.

LeBron James could become a free agent in the summer. The expectations are high because he was the third pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, he improved a lot and the Celtics' expectations are a lot higher after reaching the 2018 Eastern Conference Finals.

The Celtics expect Irving to be fully healthy for training camp in September.

Entering the offseason the Celtics will need to decide what they do with Marcus Smart, who hits free agency in July. But what if this intimacy is fed by him becoming a member of the Green? Fans down in Philadelphia would give their first-born to see James complete "The Process".

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Regardless of what the reaction from the local crowd would be, James coming to Boston is far-fetched but is not out of the realm of possibility. He's been a vital key for the Celtics and he's going to warrant somewhere between $12-14 million, per season. He also won't commit to re-signing with Boston.

Irving is eligible for an extension this summer but, even coming off another knee surgery that sidelined him for Boston's improbable run to the cusp of the Finals, was adamant that he'll wait for the summer of 2019 to examine his future. And of course our anchor Al (Horford) and now getting my man Gordon (Hayward) back.

There is no easy decision here, as all three plan to anchor the most loaded roster Boston has had to begin a season since 2007-08 with Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown flocking them. He averaged 21.6 points per game and made four All-Star teams in his six seasons with the Cavaliers.

Kyrie Irving's future with the Boston Celtics isn't exactly cut-and-dry. However, do the Cavaliers want to be the team Irving deserts following the season?

Irving knows, however, that his contract will be there, too. He is the priciest of the three, commanding 29 percent of the Celtics salary cap this year with a figure of $31.2 million. "I think that's the exciting part about all this is that when you're shaping up to gear up to be a championship-caliber team for years to come - which I think Danny [Ainge] has echoed for a little bit". No doubt. There is no other player in the National Basketball Association capable of playing at the level James does. It's felt like a number of seasons in one.