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David Davis quits as Brexit Secretary: How allies and rivals are reacting

David Davis quits as Brexit Secretary: How allies and rivals are reacting

As the minister responsible for the Brexit negotiations, Davis is a major voice in the debate in the U.K. The double resignation on Sunday has the potential to derail May's government and set in motion a chain of events that could lead to an attempt to oust her as prime minister.

At the meeting, May pressed Davis and other government officials to back her plan for maintaining close trade ties with the EU, Reuters reported.

Which takes him to the plan agreed on Friday by the Cabinet: "In my view" he says "the inevitable outcome of the proposed policies will be to make the supposed control by Parliament illusory rather than real.The "common rule book" policy hands control of large swathes of our economy to the European Union ad is certainly not returning control of our laws in any real sense". "Our proposal will create a UK-EU free trade area which establishes a common rule book for industrial goods and agricultural products", she said.

However, he also reportedly threatened to resign from government on a number of occasions, most recently during talks to resolve a dispute with pro-EU Conservative lawmakers who wanted a greater say for parliament over the final Brexit deal.

Davis, a sharp operator and a gut-instinct politician, was a "Leave" campaigner in the referendum on Britain's European Union membership. The EU has warned Britain that time is running out to seal a divorce deal.

Pro-Leave Conservative MPs describe Theresa May's Brexit plan as the "worst of all worlds" in an 18-page letter.

Tory Andrew Bridgen said he could not support the proposals that came out of Chequers, describing them as a breach of the red lines and that he wouldn't support it "even if the European Union were paying us for it".

Labour shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer said leaving the European Union without a deal would be "intolerable", and denounced the plans for a so-called facilitated customs arrangement "unworkable" and a "bureaucratic nightmare".

He warned her that the common rulebook proposal could make "trade deals nearly impossible" if it meant regulations would have to apply to any goods coming into the UK.

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Yet after reflecting on the situation, Davis and Baker apparently decided they could not live with such a soft Brexit after all.

"That is not something that this country voted for; it's not what the Prime Minister promised..."

- To trigger a formal leadership challenge, 48 Conservative lawmakers need to write to the chairman of a committee which represents the interests of Conservative members of parliament who are not part of the government.

"A very soft Brexit means that we haven't left, we are simply a rule-taker", he said.

Britain's prime minister is claiming victory in her bid to unite her fractious cabinet behind her latest Brexit policy, but many hurdles lie ahead.

Repeatedly pressed on whether the new immigration system would offer preferential access to EU citizens, Mrs May said: "We need to look at that in the context of the wider rules we have for immigration from outside of the European Union and we will decide the rules that are right for the United Kingdom".

"As I said yesterday, it's very much "game on" for that now".

Veteran Tory Eurosceptic Sir Bill Cash told Sky that discussions were now being held as to whether Mrs May's plans amounted to a "proper Brexit".