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Eight boys rescued from Thailand cave

Eight boys rescued from Thailand cave

The latest boy to be rescued was spotted on a stretcher around 4:30 p.m. local time, according to CNN.

Anupong said the four boys rescued on Sunday were safe but need to undergo detailed medical checks.

Two boys were brought out on Monday afternoon from a deep cave in Thailand where four were rescued on Sunday, leaving just six more and their soccer coach inside, a military source said. They were discovered last Monday huddled on a narrow rock shelf within the flooded cave system.

The boys, aged between 11 and 16, went missing with their 25-year-old coach after football practice on June 23. Authorities say it could take a total of three to four days to get the remaining boys and the coach out of the cave.

Narongsak said he was grateful for Musk's support but the equipment was impractical for the rescue mission.

Authorities believe it could be another four days before all are out.

A BCRC spokesman said: "The UK divers are part of the core team, so they will be actively involved and that will include escorting each child out through the flooded passage".

More than 90 rescue workers from around the world have been laboring in the dark, twisting cave, with massive pumps being used to lower water levels.

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Thailand officials have not released the names of the boys rescued, so as not to upset the parents of any child still trapped.

He said the health of the five people remaining in the cave was "still good" and rescuers would resume an operation to retrieve them in about 20 hours' time.

Eight of the 12 young footballers have now been brought out of the treacherous cave system by divers, including four who were removed on Sunday on the first day of the operation.

Hundreds of spectators and journalists have gathered in the area around the cave, hoping for news that the boys and their coach would emerge safely.

Thai officials are not only racing against worsening weather, but also lowered oxygen levels in the underground complex. But officials waited several hours before confirming their rescue.

On Friday, the death of a former Thai navy SEAL underscored the risks.

Residents of the nearby town of Mae Sai, directly on the border with Myanmar about 7 miles away from the cave entrance, follow the saga of the boys' disappearance and rescue efforts intently. Narongsak on Monday said their identities were being protected out of respect for the families of those still trapped inside the cave.