Fortnite Season 5 Adds a New Squad Vehicle, Desert Biome & More

Fortnite Season 5 Adds a New Squad Vehicle, Desert Biome & More

Developer Epic Games' popular free-to-play online multiplayer shooter Fortnite entered into Season 5 Thursday, introducing a number of new aspects to the game including new areas and a usable vehicle. "A viking ship, desert outpost, and ancient statues have appeared all over the island, changing the world of Fortnite". In addition, players can unlock secret Battle Pass tiers called Road Trip Challenges. Passengers can also lean forward and back to manipulate the vehicle into maneuvering around objects and heighten jumps.

The biggest change pertains to the new Rifts that are scattered all throughout the "Fortnite" battle royale map. The ATK can fit the entire squad, has the ability to attain speed boosts, and the roof can be used as a jump pad. Epic Games says that Rifts will instantly take players to a random location when they step into them. Polygon speculates that it might even transport players to an entirely different map.

What has changed in the season 5 map? However, the first storm circle will now only ever do 1 damage, no matter how long you're stuck in it. We also know the update will add in the two skins featured in the image below, which seem to support the theory that the update will be themed around multiple worlds and time periods colliding. You can read about all of these and more over on Epic's site.

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The patch notes details a lot of tweaks that have been made to the game such as adjusted.shotgun spread patterns, heavy shotguns now firing 10 pellets instead of 5 along with bug fixes. Most importantly, however, there will be a small delay when you want to fire a shotgun straight after using another, so this will stop people stacking and spraying the hell out of each other with pumps.

Another change is how players are able to earn extra XP when playing big team modes.

For Switch players, V5 adds gyro motion control options to the game.