HTC Exodus blockchain smartphone coming this Fall

HTC Exodus blockchain smartphone coming this Fall

Earlier in the year HTC announced ambitious plans to manufacture a blockchain-focused smartphone called Exodus. It can also be used as a mining rig for its users to earn new tokens connected to the Exodus Blockchain.

At a tech conference in Hong Kong on 11th July, HTC has confirmed that it will be releasing its blockchain based mobile phone later this year.

Leading the development team at HTC Exodus is Phil Chen, the creator of HTC's Vive VR viewer, who said on the smartphone with blockchain: "In the new era of the Internet people are generally more aware of the value of their data, which is a ideal opportunity to allow users to regain their digital identity".

In terms of the unexpected CryptoKitty support, the executive hopes that the gamification of the blockchain will entice "no-coiners" to give the Exodus a shot. Today it became known that the blockchain smartphone Exodus is nearly ready for release, and that it will be released very soon.

Chen told The Verge that the phone is expected to launch around the end of 2018, adding that the company expects to make a price announcement by the end of third quarter.

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To help users retake control of their personal data and their digital footprint, HTC has partnered with Bitmark Inc, a Taipei-based blockchain start-up that develops tools to preserve records of digital ownership and the transaction history of digital assets through cryptography hashing. I'm excited about the opportunity it brings to decentralize the internet and reshape it for the modern user. It has put up a website where those who are interested can sign up to receive more information as and when it becomes available.

HTC recently launched the HTC U12+, which is the latest flagship smartphone from the company with a dual camera setup (after many years).

The phone will be all about the unique approach to user data that is available in the blockchain and the security and protection that come with it.

The company said it will release further details and specs of the Exodus phone "in the coming months", which is amazingly imprecise for a phone that's scheduled to launch in said coming months.

What do you think of CryptoKitties being put on HTC devices?