Johnny Depp Sued for Alleged Assault on 'City of Lies' Set

Johnny Depp Sued for Alleged Assault on 'City of Lies' Set

Gregg "Rocky" Brooks worked as a location manager previous year for the movie, while Depp plays LAPD detective Russell Poole, who investigated Biggie's murder.

In the film, which had previously been referred to as "LAbyrinth", 55-year-old Depp portrays LAPD Detective Russell Poole, who investigated the slaying of rapper Biggie Smalls.

From there, Johnny Depp reportedly began taunting Brooks. When Brooks explained who he was, the actor allegedly shouted "I don't give a fuck who you are and you can't tell me what to do!", before assaulting him.

According to the lawsuit, Brooks claims he was asked to write and sign a declaration stating that he would not sue the production.

Brooks said he didn't do anything, and then eventually, the bodyguards and security workers had to remove Depp from the set.

The yelling allegedly continues until Depp was escorted away by his bodyguards.

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The location manager on City Of Lies, whom Johnny "punched in the ribs" in May, has hired a lawyer, according toTMZ.

Rocky, who claims Johnny smelled of alcohol, is seeking unspecified damages. "You have no right to tell me what to do".

Brooks also claims that he was sacked from the film after he refused to sign a waiver relinquishing his right to sue.

Depp, as well as City of Lies director Brad Furman and the film's production companies, are being sued for assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, negligent hiring and retention of unfit employee, negligent supervision of employee, hostile work environment, wrongful termination in violation of public policy, retaliation, and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

Brooks alleges that the film, set for release this September, was being filmed in April 2017 at the Barclay Hotel in Los Angeles and that it was his job to ensure filming complied with city permits.

Depp has not yet responded to the lawsuit.