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Man with world's longest nails gets them cut with a saw

Man with world's longest nails gets them cut with a saw

Born in 1938, Chillal began growing nails on his left hand in 1952 after a teacher beat him up for breaking his nail.

Shridhar Chillal of India displays his newly cut fingernails in front of his granddaughter Shraddha Chillal.

"At the age of 82, having grown the nails on his left hand for 66 years, Sridhar Chillal (Longest fingernails on a single hand - ever) is finally having them cut", the video said.

The Ripley's Believe It or Not museum in Times Square in New York City will host a "nail clipping ceremony" today where Chillal's nails will be cut.

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Now 82, Mr Chillal, from Pune, India, made a decision to cut his nails when a NY museum promised to "maintain them very nicely and for a lifetime". Chillal's longest single nail is his thumbnail, measuring 197.8 centimeters.

He admitted there were also perks to having the world's longest nails that he will miss. According to Chillal, the teacher warned him about the level of care required to grow out nails and said he would never understand unless he experienced it for himself, reported The Guardian. "Now, forever my nails will be remembered and forever my nails will be seen by people from all over the world".

Ripley's said it was privileged to display the "unique and one-of-a-kind" exhibit. I spent 66 years of my life on my nails.

I think we can all basically agree there is no better part of any given Guinness World Records book than the section about people with extreme body stuff going on. He can not open his hand from a closed position or flex his fingers. "When I chose to cut my nails, it was hard for me to make this decision, but when I realised that after cutting my nails, my nails will be at Ripley's Believe It or Not! and they're going to maintain it very nicely and for a lifetime, then I felt like I was doing the right decision and that's why I chose to cut my nails".