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Mexican Grandfather, 92, Beaten With Brick in LA: 'Go Back to Mexico'

Mexican Grandfather, 92, Beaten With Brick in LA: 'Go Back to Mexico'

The elderly man, Rodolfo Rodriguez, was visiting from Mexico when a woman lashed out to beat and violently attacked him, according to witnesses.

Rodolfo Rodriguez was out on his regular evening stroll when he reportedly bumped into a young girl walking on the sidewalk.

Translating his grandfather's account of what happened next, Mendoza said: 'And when he turned his back they just tossed him on the floor and she started hitting him, and then she grabbed a brick and started hitting him with the brick, and then out of nowhere he saw 3-4 other guys just come rushing and just start stomping on him'.

Rodriguez does not speak English, and has not commented on the incident, though family members such as his grandson Erik Martinez have been outspoken about the brutal nature of the incident. "He is doing really bad, has a lot of bruises on his face and a broken cheekbone", the grandson wrote.

A video, shot by a witness who called 911, became national news It also started trending in Mexico, where Rodriguez is originally from.

The money raised by the GoFundMe will go toward that.

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He'll be turning 92 in September, Rodriguez said, and he's never been hurt like this before, in a life working the fields with cattle and corn.

He was left unable to walk along with a broken cheek bone, bruised ribs and head injuries, the station reported.

Rodriguez is now recovering at home, according to NBC Los Angeles.

"When I take the picture, she said, 'Oh, he tried to touch my girl, '" the woman identified as Catherine told CBS Los Angeles. "What kind of harm can he mean to anyone?" "That's why we're still in shock, as you can see he's badly injured".

"We are concerned, especially with the type of crime they committed", he told KTLA-TV.

There are slight discrepancies in reporting now, as to whether three or four men joined the African American woman in beating Rodriguez, and as to whether all of them were African American. 'There was what appears to be a four-year-old child there who witnessed the entire thing. Police are now looking for a female suspect and three to four males. We can't these kind of people like that out in our streets'.