Netflix Has a New Plan for Europe - Is the US Next?

Netflix Has a New Plan for Europe - Is the US Next?

Some Italian users say "promotional material" from Netflix indicates the new plan would halve the number of screens Premium users can use simultaneously from four to two, PhoneArena reports.

In this scenario, the addition of the Ultra plans would be the same as a price hike for Premium subscribers as they would be forced to upgrade to the new, more expensive tier to maintain the same level of service.

Netflix's current plans go for €7.99, €10.99, and €13.99 respectively. Price ranges from €17 to €20 a month (£15-£17.70), and some have reported Ultra stealing features from the "Premium" package. The rollout seems to be ongoing - earlier today, Netflix's German site showed different prices (€16.99 vs. €19.99) depending on which browser was being used. And those on the Standard tier found their access limited to just the one device at a time, down from two. In April, it was valued at a whopping $170 billion by investors betting on Netflix's potential for global growth; at the time, it counted some 125 million subscribers worldwide. At the same time, there could be some changes made to current plans that are bound to anger many Netflix subscribers.

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The Ultra plan may affect some aspects of the current Premium plan, according to PhoneArena.

It's Premium subscribers who look to be hit hardest, who will not only see their maximum simultaneous streams drop from 4 to 2, but will lose out on the ability to view content in HDR entirely.

The pricing tests have since been confirmed by Netflix to CNET, with also noting that the test appears to be being rolled out across the continent with nations including Germany being trialled. A company spokesperson was quoted as saying, "In this case, we are testing slightly different price points and features to better understand how consumers value Netflix".