Netflix launches Smart Downloads

Netflix launches Smart Downloads

The feature, which will be exclusive to Android devices at launch, is appropriately called "smart downloads" and its objective is to delete any episode you've already watched, plus automatically download the next episode in the series the next time you're connected to Wi-Fi - i.e. if you download the first episode of Stranger Things and watch it, smart downloads will delete that first episode and download the second automatically next time you're connected to Wi-Fi.

The idea behind the Smart Download feature is to make sure you have the next episode of a show you're watching available to you even when you're offline. The feature only turns on when you're connected to Wi-Fi to prevent cellular data usage charges.

The following video shows you Smart Downloads at work, while this help page should provide more information on how to make it work on your mobile device. Called "smart downloads", the tool is meant to help users manage the Netflix content on their devices.

Netflix wants to start keeping your downloads fresh for you.

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The feature is ideal for those who love binge watching TV shows, don't want to burn through their data allowance, and certainly do not like the process of going through the download process manually.

The ability to download movies and TV shows straight from Netflix mobile app is a very handy feature. You can get the Netflix Android app here.

However, it's first available only on Android devices. This also allows for downloading movies or TV shows on just one phone or tablet. This way, it won't be using up your phone's storage and you will be able to continue watching your show when you don't have internet. Users can have multiple episodes of a TV series downloaded at once, but they typically don't download entire seasons. Smart Downloads also works across seasons. Say you download episodes 1-3 of season one.

Netflix Android app now includes new Smart Downloads feature.