North Atlantic Treaty Organisation states to increase defence funding

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation states to increase defence funding

Trump's remarks come a day after he blasted USA allies and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members, accusing Germany of being "captive to Russia" in an oil and gas deal and asking "What good is North Atlantic Treaty Organisation?" Trump claimed victory after bitterly criticizing key allies, notably Germany, for failing to pay their way at one of the most fractious summits in Nato's 70-year history.

"We've had a very awesome two-day period in Brussels", Trump told reporters. He then stunned allies by telling them to eventually double the figure to a punishing four per cent.

When asked about Mr Trump's comments, Ms Leyen added: "On the other hand, you should keep the communication line between countries or alliances and opponents without any question".

Speaking in Brussels, he told reporters: "Yesterday, I let them know I was extremely unhappy with what was happening and they have substantially upped their commitment".

Trump had taken an aggressive tone during the summit, questioning the value of an alliance that has defined decades of American foreign policy, torching an ally and proposing a massive increase in European defence spending.

Romania will spend 2 per cent of its gross domestic product on defence, and Iohannis said other members "will try to spend more than 2 per cent".

Trump arrived in Brussels lashing out at Canada and other allies for not spending enough on defence.

Trump had pushed for an increase to 4 percent - about what the United States spends.

"Putin is not America's friend, nor merely a competitor", McCain said.

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Trump insisted that he would bring up key subjects including Syria, although he once again failed to rule out recognising Russia's annexation of Crimea.

He also vowed to raise allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, amid an ongoing United States investigation into whether his campaign colluded with Moscow.

"And frankly, maybe everybody is going to have a good relationship with Russian Federation, so there will be a lot less problem with the pipeline", Trump said.

Asked about his criticism on Germany, and specifically regarding the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russian Federation, he said that Berlin had increased very substantially its commitments, that he had a very good relationship with Chancellor Angela Merkel, and hinted that the gas pipeline shouldn't be an issue if relations with Russian Federation improve. "We're supposed to be protecting you from Russian Federation, but why are you paying billions of dollars to Russian Federation for energy?" Trump tweeted this morning before the second day of talks.

Trump had opened the first day of talks in Brussels on Wednesday with a public diatribe against Germany, the second biggest state in the Western defence alliance, before the mood appeared to have calmed as the summit went into its second day, focusing on operations beyond Europe. White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said this is not a formal proposal and that Trump had merely "suggested" this increase. "I'm very strong on immigration".

Even in Trump's own administration, no one was echoing the same kind of harsh rhetoric the president used.

Before he visits with Putin, Trump will visit London and the United Kingdom - where many large protests are planned against his policies.

Countries also committed in 2014 to ensure that 20% of defence spending went on equipment - 15 countries are hitting that target.

"Our President - the orange guy Trump- is in Belgium right now - at the NATO Summit, fighting over how many ways they will split the check", Jimmy Kimmel told his late night viewers about POTUS's latest.