Queen Elizabeth Meets With Trump and Melania

Queen Elizabeth Meets With Trump and Melania

Tea with the Queen is the kind of special occasion that would make even the most famous person in the world nervous.

Trump even characterized U.S. -U.K. ties as a "special relationship" - that is, "the highest level of special" - after spending time with May over the past couple days.

A controversial balloon depicting U.S. President Donald Trump as an angry orange baby, dressed in a diaper, was flying in Parliament Square next to the Houses of Parliament on Friday as thousands prepared to march in protest at his visit to Britain. They observed a military display, then went inside for a private tea.

The Trump baby was inflated in the streets of London and in front of everyone. The president is about 6-foot-2, and Mrs. Trump is near that in her spiky heels.

The president and first lady arrived at the castle in a Range Rover driven by two officials. Her gait has slowed over the years and she walks slowly and carefully.

Donald Trump appears to have mildly breached a royal protocol when he met with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle this morning.

The Trumps and the queen were scheduled to spend about 30 minutes getting acquainted over tea inside the castle but the visit stretched past 45 minutes.

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Trump's previous comments about the royals have been less than tactful, including boasting that he would have slept with Princess Diana "without even hesitation", and saying "who wouldn't" photograph Kate, the duchess of Cambridge and Prince William's wife, topless.

Mr. Trump, who was greeted by massive protests in London, criticized UK Prime Minister Theresa May in an interview published Thursday in The Sun, a British tabloid, over her handling of Brexit.

"I guess when they put out blimps to make me feel unwelcome, no reason for me to go to London", Trump told the newspaper. You don't see, like, anything embarrassing. Oh dear, she just looked at her watch. Trump's mother was born in Scotland.

"My mother loved the Queen".

'Cringing watching Trump inspecting the troops. The only exception during her reign is that she never officially met Lyndon B. Johnson during his time in office.

Ronald Reagan's visit to Windsor in 1982 was also not a state visit but, unlike Trump, he was hosted with a glittering banquet for 160 guests in the castle's St George's Hall.