'Supergirl' casts TV's first transgender superhero

'Supergirl' casts TV's first transgender superhero

The first transgender superhero will be featured in CW's television series, "Supergirl".

In an interview with Variety, Maines discussed the responsibility she feels towards the historic role.

In January 2014, a ME court ruled in her favour that her elementary school violated state anti-discrimination law after it determined she should use the staff restroom instead of the girls' bathroom.

"A$3 lot of different shows have been really eager to tell the stories of transgender people, especially transgender youth because it's just such an important issue right now in our society and the world", she said. Altough not confirmed, the character seems related to Legion of Superheroes' Nura Nal - Dream Girl.

Maines actually isn't the only new addition to Supergirl season 4. There will apparently be many parallels between her journey to self-discovery and destiny fulfillment with Supergirl herself - we'll just have to wait and see what those similarities will be.

April Parker Jones
'Supergirl' casts TV's first transgender superhero

Another new character sounds like another good guy, but she may not be quite as consistently on the up-and-up as a superhero would be.

The actress believes that there has been more representation of the trans community over the last few years, but she doesn't believe that it has been the "right" representation. "We've seen that. But trans people have lives outside of our gender identity and our transness". In 2014, she won a Maine Supreme Court case, which ruled that transgender people can use whatever bathroom they choose. Maines was also the subject of the book Becoming Nicole and appeared in the HBO documentary The Trans List.

Maines referred to cisgender men dressed in women's clothing as the only representation she saw growing up in the 90's and early 2000's. And with trans folks, we have a lot of people accusing us of just playing dress up for whatever reason, and that's not true.

For now, we can look forward to seeing fresh faces Nia Nal, Colonel Haley, and Manchester Black team up with the rest of the Supergirl crew when season 4 premieres Sunday, October 14 at 8 PM ET on the CW.

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