Xbox One July Update Out Now, Adds FastStart And Groups

Xbox One July Update Out Now, Adds FastStart And Groups

Microsoft released the July update for Xbox One today, and it brings several notable improvements to the system, some of which were teased during Microsoft's E3 2018 press conference. The update will include "FastStart", which is a feature created to address one of the biggest frustrations of modern gaming: Being forced to wait for your titles to download before you can play them. "FastStart works by identifying which files are needed to begin playing and prioritizes the download of those files first, enabling you to quickly jump into full-fidelity gameplay while the remainder of your title downloads in the background", said Major Nelson. This update was previously tested with Xbox Insiders last month and comes with FastStart on select games, the Groups feature in Games and Apps, and more.

However, there are two restrictions worth mentioning with FastStart - it's only available for "select" English-language games for now, and players will need to have at least a 20MB internet connection to take advantage of it.

Microsoft is also introducing the ability to group games and apps, which essentially allows you to make collections or folders of your games to make your collection more organized and easier to search. Moreover, these groups will sync to your Microsoft account, so they'll show up on other consoles that you own. You can now broadcast your webcam in full screen from your Xbox, and the quality and performance of broadcasts have also been improved in Mixer, according to Microsoft. Hitting Y while on the Dashboard will immediately bring up the search dialog.

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The next time you start it up, take a good look into your inventory and you'll see a Founder's Pack with a number of legendary items.

By now, most people will have received the latest system update for their Xbox One. Full mouse and keyboard support has been introduced for PC players while using Share Controller, as well as Share Controller Key Bindings.