Actress Sean Young wanted for questioning in burglary

Actress Sean Young wanted for questioning in burglary

TMZ reports the NYPD wants to question Blade Runner's Sean Young about a Queens burglary that occurred Thursday and resulted in the loss of $12,000 worth of technical software and hardware, including two Apple laptops.

Actress Sean Young, who's best known among mainstream fans these days for her roles in Blade Runner and Ace Ventura, is wanted by police for her possible involvement in a NY burglary.

Surveillance footage reportedly shows Young and a man snatching the laptops and other gear on Thursday. We're told Young allegedly worked at the location at one point, but was sacked months ago. She was arrested outside an Oscars party in 2012 after she was accused of slapping a security guard.

But it was only her likeness that was used, with special effects allowing for a stand-in to appear as Young exactly as she looked in the original film. He claimed he even found a mutilated doll on his doorstep. "Drew" in 2011 in which she discussed her battles with alcohol. Young denied the allegations, and the case was later settled out of court. She recently appeared in "The Alienist" on TNT.

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Despite her troubles, her IMDB shows that she has been acting regularly.

The 58-year-old Young starred in 1980s movies including "Blade Runner", "No Way Out" and "Wall Street".

"It's like putting a handsome racehorse out to pasture before her time and then after 20 years expecting her to be the same horse".