Alexa will tell you when it has done its homework

Alexa will tell you when it has done its homework

Amazon later confirmed to TechCrunch that Answer Updates was being rolled out over the coming days.

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First uncovered by Voicebot, the user asked for more information about a news item and Alexa replied by saying it doesn't have the answer.

Launched in 2014 assistant Alexa Amazon has over 45,000 skills through a set of functions to Alexa Skills Kit (ASK), and the developers are constantly expanding the list, developing abilities and skills Alexa. Amazon has sold about 50 million Alexa devices, the people said.

Even more concerning for Amazon, the vast majority of people (90 percent) who bought something using their voice only tried it once.

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It appears only a small number of consumers are using alexa to make purchases. Factor in the inability of a smart speaker to actually let users see the product in question or quickly browse through reviews, or the mechanics of switching between shipping and payment options, and ordering via voice suddenly doesn't sound all that great when users' money is on the line. Alexa exclaims it has no idea, and you begin gazing deeply within the blue hue of the smart speaker's faux-mind and offer the look of a disappointed parent, or an owner whose pet has just pissed on the kitchen floor.

One of the sources stated that it is simply the matter of finding a way out of boosting people to continue purchasing via Alexa through data analysis, after which they could flourish the market quickly. "The trend in voice-activated services is growing and for this reason we want to make it available to our customers".

So what could be holding Amazon's potentially-lucrative Alexa sales back?

Amazon's home devices are making the hands-free future a reality with the seemingly never-ending debut of new skills, but the latest one that allows you to never leave your home (or couch) again?