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British PM May, others flay Boris Johnson for ‘Islamophobic’ remarks

British PM May, others flay Boris Johnson for ‘Islamophobic’ remarks

British Prime Minister Theresa May has scolded her former foreign minister, Boris Johnson, for saying that Muslim women who wear burqas look like letter boxes or bank robbers.

Founder and president of the Conservative Muslim Forum Lord Sheikh told the BBC the party should take "severe action" against Mr Johnson.

Ruth Davidson is among the senior Consersvatives who have said Mr Johnson should apologise for his "gratuitously offensive" comments on the burka.

Johnson resigned as Foreign Secretary in July, accusing Theresa May of killing "the Brexit dream" with her plan to seek close economic ties with the European Union after the United Kingdom leaves the bloc next year.

If a woman wants to wear a burqa it is her right to do so.

If you use the analogy of Christianity, would you ever write in The Telegraph that you should have a debate about banning Christians for wearing crucifixes?

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Baroness Warsi repeated her calls for an investigation into Islamophobia within the Conservative party in a piece in the Guardian, and noted there had been a 26% rise in hate crimes against Muslims past year, according to figures from monitoring group Tell Mama.

Dr Hargey has frequently criticised the practice of wearing the burka, and has also courted controversy in some circles for allowed men and women to pray together and for discouraging Muslim-only schools.

Conservative Party chairman Brandon Lewis ordered Mr Johnson to apologise following a hail of criticism over the remarks, which were labelled "bigotry" by former Tory chair Baroness Warsi.

"It's not the job of the Prime Minister to tell backbenchers what to do".

A source close to Johnson said, "We must not fall into the trap of shutting down the debate on hard issues. If we fail to speak up for liberal".