Cam Newton Gets In Heated Altercation With Kelvin Benjamin

Cam Newton Gets In Heated Altercation With Kelvin Benjamin

However, the players will finally get a chance for live action as they face the Buffalo Bills in the first preseason game.

For the Panthers, there were some unresolved issues between Cam Newton and Kelvin Benjamin. Newton engaged Benjamin briefly before the receiver, who called out his former quarterback just a few days ago, started to amble away.

The conversation continued until Benjamin said something to Newton that had Newton gesturing that he was finished with him.

The Carolina Panthers have spent roughly the past three weeks in training camp preparing for the upcoming season. "I should've never went to Carolina".

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In an interview published Friday by The Athletic, Benjamin complained that he would have been "even more successful" if he had "just been drafted by somebody else", and that Carolina was "a bad fit from the get-go" for him.

"If you would've put me with any other QB, let's be real, you know what I'm saying?"

Newton later waved off Benjamin in apparent frustration before the two parted ways for the remainder of warmups.

First the video. Then the responses, which weren't very kind to the Buffalo star, in general, although Benjamin scored a first quarter touchdown and jumped into the stands to celebrate.