Google Maps' location sharing now includes your battery life

Google Maps' location sharing now includes your battery life

The feature was first spotted in February by tech website Android Police when it did a teardown of the Google Maps v9.71 beta.

By showing people you trust that your battery's almost empty, for instance, they won't be as anxious in case they can't get in touch with you for the next hour or so. However, if those people suddenly dropped off the grid, there was no way of distinguishing whether that was because their phone battery died or something more nefarious had happened. First discovered by Android Police, your friend's battery level will be included in the set of information you receive when they share their location with you.

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But the feature might only be new to some - meaning Google could be quietly rolling it out in different locations at separate times. Back in June, a host of new personalization features were launched, including streamlining the process of locating restaurants, cafes, and other places to eat and drink.

It is being reported that the tech giant is now working towards the addition of the public toilets in the Google Maps. Now, it appears to give users an exact percentage and will also indicate if the person is charging their device.

The report also added that on some occasions the battery level of a phone was below 15% but, it displayed a formal message saying "John's battery is between 50 and 75%". You can check out the new feature on both iOS and Android versions of the app today.