Government to amend My Health Record legislation

Government to amend My Health Record legislation

The new policies will prevent police or government agencies from obtaining information from My Health Record without a court order and enable users to cancel their record and permanently remove it from the database, for good.

Mr Hunt and the Australian Digital Health Agency which runs the record had maintained that even though the legislation allowed the ADHA to hand over the record without a court order it would never happen.

"That kind of legislative change means our most sensitive information can't be accessed by police or government agencies unless they have a court order".

"The government will also work with medical leaders on additional communications to the public about the benefits and objective of the My Health Record, so they can make an informed choice", Hunt's statement said.

"No documents have been released in more than six years and no documents will be released without a court order".

"After constructive discussions with the AMA and RACGP, the Government will strengthen privacy provisions under the My Health Record Act, removing any doubt regarding Labor's 2012 legislation", he said in a statement.

"In addition. if someone wishes to cancel their record they will be able to do so permanently, with their record deleted from the system".

In fact, only mere days after Singapore's government suffered a health data attack on its SingHealth system, the government's My Health Record webpage was updated nearly with a form of bait for hackers, stating that "There has never been a security breach of the My Health Record" on a system that has only been publicly accessible for weeks, and that "It is not susceptible to attacks like SingHealth", a statement that makes you wonder how many will try, if only to prove the government wrong.

Australia's peak medical bodies have won some concessions over the privacy of the country's MyHealth Record, and the government says it will extend the opt-out period to mid-November, but it's unlikely to end the hostile debate over the initiative.

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Mr Hunt said the amendment would clarify the privacy protections and improve public confidence.

Doctor groups also welcomed the changes.

The government has changed its controversial digital health record initiative, My Health Record, following widespread backlash over the system's privacy and security.

That section gives the Australian Digital Health Agency the power to delegate any of its functions to other bureaucrats - and that would include its powers to disclose information.

"My Health Record always promised compelling health benefits, especially for people living in rural and remote areas".

However, the commissioner noted that the latest breaches don't relate to the My Health Records system.

"Changes to the legislation that remove any questions about who may be able to access the records ensure that the records will be able to be used in line with the RACGP's position statement on My Health Records".

"I'm in Longman (division), I rang the PM's office and never heard back", Mr MacAdam said.