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Gunmen Attack Kabul Intelligence Training Centre

Gunmen Attack Kabul Intelligence Training Centre

It also showed how militants are still able to stage large-scale attacks, even in the heart of Kabul, and underscored the struggles of the Afghan forces to provide security and stability on their own.

The attack comes just hours after a suicide bomber detonated explosives inside an education center in a predominantly Shiite area of western Kabul, where students were studying for college entrance exams, killing at least 37 people.

Military and intelligence facilities in Kabul have been regularly targeted by insurgents. He did not say if all the victims were students and whether any of their teachers were also among the casualties.

On one of the worst places where fighting has taken place was in the southeastern Afghan city of Ghazni, where the Taliban has waged several deadly attacks, including one on Friday, after five days of street battles that reportedly left hundreds dead and wounded. "The fighting killed more than 120 security forces and civilians and more than 200 insurgents". Another, a man whose 18-year-old daughter survived the attack, told the AP he saw blood and body parts covering benches and desks.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack.

With parliamentary elections due on October 20, authorities had been bracing for more attacks in Kabul and other cities, but even so, the scale of the violence has come as a shock to a government facing bitter criticism over its handling of the war.

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The head of the United Nations children's agency denounced the attack, saying it's "deplorable" that children continue to be hardest hit in the growing violence across Afghanistan.

"The Taliban will try to have an upper hand during talks, so we can't rule out more attacks until a ceasefire", said Taliban expert Rahimullah Yusufzai.

Elsewhere in Afghanistan, the Taliban attacked a police checkpoint in the southern Zabul province early Wednesday, killing four policemen, according to the provincial police chief, Mustafa Mayar. The latest incident comes at a time of high tension following a series of attacks including a full-scale assault on the city of Ghazni last week.

Afghan security forces have been engaged with Taliban militants in the provincial capital days after the offensive on the strategic city began.

Separately, six girls younger than 10 were killed when an unexploded mortar they picked up to play with suddenly exploded on Wednesday, officials in the eastern province of Laghman said.