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Israel's killing of a Gaza teen focus of dailies — Newspaper Review

Israel's killing of a Gaza teen focus of dailies — Newspaper Review

Hamas and other resistance groups have linked their fate to Israel freeing Palestinian security detainees. Egypt also restricts movement in and out of Gaza on its border.

A Hamas official said that the Islamist group "will not accept handouts at the expense of a political solution" and added that Hamas giving up its armed wing is "non-negotiable".

It is the latest phase of border demonstrations that began at the end of March, in which at least 159 Palestinians have been killed while one Israeli soldier has been shot dead.

"We discussed with the Egyptian officials several issues including the siege on Gaza, the ceasefire with the Israeli Occupation, the Great March of Return, the Israeli aggression on Gaza, and the Palestinian reconciliation, as well as the bilateral relations between Hamas and Egypt", he said, according to an English-language statement posted on the organization's website. Egypt has helped the Israelis isolate Hamas while insisting they remain the occupiers of Palestinian territory and therefore uniquely liable for Gaza.

Israel's Security Cabinet met on Sunday to consider Gaza proposals.

In what appeared to be a confidence-building gesture by Cairo, a pro-Hamas website said Egypt was on Sunday beginning to allow cooking gas across its border to Gaza to make up for the shortfall in Israeli supplies.

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As part of negotiations, several exiled Hamas leaders are in Gaza for consultations.

"(A deal would bring about a) separation of Gaza from the rest of the homeland and would create a mini-state which will be the graveyard of our national project", said Munir Al-Ghaghoub, a spokesman for Fatah. Fatah claims that such transaction, a "free gift" for Israel, and proposed a truce - part of the efforts of the President of the United States to eliminate the Palestinian cause within the framework of his plan for peace in the middle East.

Palestinian sources said a drone was used by the army but that no one was wounded in the attack.

The reports of a possible ceasefire came as the IDF said Palestinians protesting along the border breached the border fence and hurled firebombs.

Construction continues on the background of the border conflict.