Joe Arpaio tricked into saying he'd accept oral sex from Trump

Joe Arpaio tricked into saying he'd accept oral sex from Trump

"That's why they had to subtitle Borat's character".

"I start thinking, 'Wait a minute, this could be the interview I had, too.' I was kind of mad at myself", he added. Cohen continued to press Arpaio, trying to get him to fall for another verbal trap, and succeeding in getting Arpaio to agree that if Trump called him and said, paraphrasing for crude language, Sheriff Joe, I want to offer you unbelievable oral sex, Arpaio replied, "I may have to say yes".

"Today, we're going to find out who has a sense of humor".

Baron Cohen has so far duped a few current and recent politicians, as well as gun rights activists, into supporting a fictitious initiative to arm toddlers. The self-described "toughest sheriff in America", Arpaio is best known for facing jail time previous year when he was convicted of ignoring a federal court order in a racial-profiling case.

Arpaio - known as the "toughest sheriff in America" - told Breitbart News last month that he had been tricked into the Cohen interview. Who Is America airs on Showtime, Sundays at 10PM ET/PT.

In reference to the explosive Trump dossier, Baron Cohen asks Arpaio, who is a close ally of Donald Trump, whether the president might have had a golden shower, to which the sheriff replies: "Wouldn't surprise me".

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"Well, that's a big issue", Arpaio said.

Of course, rather than taking a step back and explaining that in American sexual nomenclature, a "blowjob" refers to fellatio, and Arpaio went all in, responding "I may have to say yes".

"Delicious doughnut, you have to understand that you have to follow the constitution and the law and allow people to have guns", he's seen telling the doughnut.

"Yes, I have been collecting them for the upcoming race war", Baron Cohen said.

"The bad guys are going to get their guns". "It's gonna kill you". "I'm hoping somebody else in there has a gun that will shoot that person before he kills you". Arpaio clearly heard Cohen say that, but continued with the interview anyway, where things took a turn toward the kinky when Cohen began asking Arpaio questions about Donald Trump and their relationship with each other.