'Mighty Ducks' goalie arrested for pubic intoxication

'Mighty Ducks' goalie arrested for pubic intoxication

Shaun Weiss, who played the goalie Goldberg in Disney's The Mighty Ducks, was arrested in Oroville, California, Saturday morning for public intoxication.

Around 12:45 a.m., officers approached Weiss near a business on Oro Dam Boulevard near Lincoln Boulevard.

One of the stars of the 1990s movie series "The Mighty Ducks" was arrested over the weekend and his mugshot is shocking. He was arrested for intoxication only and no further criminal proceedings are desired at this time.

A blood sample was also not taken. They say he was released and not cited after being held in the drunk tank for a few hours. This isn't Weiss' first legal run-in. He was then arrested less than a week after his release from jail due to possession of meth.

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The "Heavyweights" actor was sentenced to 90 days in county jail a year ago for possession of suspected methamphetamine in Burbank, California.

In addition to his Mighty Ducks fame, Shaun is known for his small role in the 2008 film Drillbit Taylor which starred Owen Wilson.

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That incident followed quickly on the heels of Weiss getting released from jail after stealing $151 worth of merchandise from an electronics store in LA.