Minecraft movie loses director, will miss planned 2019 release date

Minecraft movie loses director, will miss planned 2019 release date

Rob McElhenney, who had served as director and co-writer on the Warner Bros. flick, is no longer associated with the project.

The Minecraft movie will not now make its originally slated May 2019 release date, following a change of director. Previous reports had stated that the Minecraft movie would be a live-action movie rather than an animated one, with Steve Carell rumored to be attached to the project. The film was supposed to come out next summer, but now that seems to be in jeopardy - McElhenney is no longer on board, and the project has just hired the same writing team that's currently attached to the long-in-the-works Masters of the Universe movie.

Aaron and Adam Nee have now been brought in to direct the film and will also rewrite the script. TheWrap says that the loss of McElhenney "should" push back that date, though I suppose there's technically still a slim chance that the studio could power through and stay on track to release the film next summer. The Philadelphia native is best-known for playing Mac in the FX/FXX comedy series It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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For those that don't know: Minecraft was set to be McElhenney's first credit as a director.

The Lego Movie's Roy Lee, along with Jill Messick, is still producing the Minecraft movie. Stranger Things producer Shawn Levy was reportedly in talks to direct the movie, though the position ultimately went to McElhenney in July 2015.

What's also worth pointing out is that Minecraft doesn't have the same type of market share or cultural relevance it did even a couple of years ago.